Friday, January 8, 2016

Where Can I Find A Cash Loan On The Internet?

This is my first blog I have written in several years.  I wanted to share with you a story about

needing cash in a hurry. Here is my story...

Many years ago I bought my first car. I remember it exactly, a 1990's ford probe. It was black, with

black tinted windows, a red racing stripe along the trim, and leather interior seats.  I was 18 years old

and a happy owner of my first car.  It cost me $2885.00, however. Not bad, considering it only had

84,000 miles!

At the time I worked part-time on the weekends. I was a bus boy at the Buci Di Beppo restaurant. I

found the car online and at that time I had only $1500 bucks.  I was short!! I knew the car would sell

quick. On the next day I left school early and went with a friend to check it out. I test drove it and

instantly fell in love with the car. I told the dealership I only had $1500 but the sign said $2885 he

told me.

My head was spinning, I couldn't let someone else buy it, I loved this car. I told him I would be back

with cash in hand.  My buddy knew I was short on cash, but had no money to spare. In my wallet I

had three credit cards with cash to withdraw.  I decided to cash out the $500 limit on all three cards.

It was the only way to afford my first car.  Now, back then the interest rate was 24% on cash

advances comparable to today's rates.

If I could do it all over again, I would have saved a couple hundred dollars on interest and went

online and got a Cash Loan.  Apply here, click this link  Cash Loan. to get started searching the list

of Cash Loan.

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